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The most trusted source of higher education resources and support services.

For the student, the HEC platform provides the resources that you need to easily navigate the Malawi higher education maze.

What We Do For Students

HEC collects, organizes and shares higher education information and resources. The platform is designed for students at all stages of the academic ladder; from college decision-making to job placement.

What You Will Find

Courses, colleges, professional certifications, scholarships, study majors, career advice, latest developments and various tools aimed to help you throughout your tertiary academic journey.

Recommendend Use For Students

Although there is no strict path to usage of this platform, we recommend the following path especially for new students in early stages of career decision making:

Career Guidance

HEC provides career assessment, guidance and conselling to help you navigate one of the most important steps in your academic and professional journeys.

Get Guidance

Find A Course To Study

HEC maintains one of the largest course and professional certifications catalogs in Malawi. The catalog searchable by various criteria to allow you to easily locate your preferred qualification. Better yet, identify the college of your choice by study major.

Find Course

Find A College

The colleges section of the HEC platform provides access to a comprehensive list of higher education institutions offering various courses and study majors. After you identify your preferred course of study, you can locate an offering institution via the colleges page or by way of study major.

Find College

Get Admission

Once you have chosen your ideal college or university, HEC helps you with admission calendars and details via the open admissions page and direct consultations. Click the link below to access the list of institutions currently admitting students.

Browse open admissions

Look For Funding

The HEC funding and scholarships section is a free directory of open funding opportunities, application tips and advisory. Once you have a study plan ready, you can search the directory for possible funding for your studies.