MUBAS City and Guilds Intake Open - July - December 2022

The Department of Electrical Engineering is informing the general public that it will be offering the following City & Guilds technician programmes for the July-December 2022 intake: 


Name of Programme or Module

No. of Modules

Tuition Fees for Taught Modules (MK)


Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Technology (E1)




Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (E2)




Advanced Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Part I (E3)




Advanced Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Part II (E4)




Advanced Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering - Engineering Project (E4) (Mandatory)



Entry Requirements: 

  1. Minimum qualification is MSCE or equivalent with at least passes in Mathematics and Physical Science/General Science; 
  2. Candidates with at least Level 2 Trade Test or equivalent or have sat for relevant Certificate level will join at Diploma; and
  3. Candidates with relevant Diplomas or have sat for Diploma level will join at Advanced Diploma.

General Information:

  1. Candidates must complete both E3 and E4 levels including the Engineering Project module to graduate with an Advanced Technician Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering; 
  2. The tuition fee includes all the required practical lessons and at least half of the fees have to be deposited when enrolling; 
  3. Candidates are required to pay examination fees to City & Guilds through Continuing Education Centre;
  4. All courses are offered during weekdays and are on a Non-Residential basis;
  5. Registration is in progress and classes will run from 18 July to 30 November 2022 and exams shall be conducted in early December 2022;
  6. After graduating with Advanced Diploma and attaining a minimum of two years of working experience, candidates with relevant MSCE credits can apply as mature entry students into the MUBAS Bachelor (Honours) degree at MUBAS in the Electrical Engineering Department;
  7. All new students should pay a once-off non-refundable registration fee of K5, 000.00 and this should be deposited into the following Standard Bank account: Electrical Engineering Centre, Current Account No: 9100001949982, Ginnery Corner Branch.
  8. Forms can be collected from MUBAS Main Campus, School of Engineering, Office No. E302, E313 or E314. Alternatively, they can be downloaded from 
  9. Female candidates are encouraged to apply;
  10. Completed forms and copy of application fee deposit and certificates should be sent to: The City & Guilds Course Coordinator, Department of Electrical Engineering, MUBAS, Private Bag 303, Chichiri, BLANTYRE 3, Fax: 01 870 578 Att.: Electrical Engineering Dept; and
  11. For more information contact the City and Guilds coordinators (during working hours only) : 0 888 299 714 (T. Namaona) or 0 881 939 860 (T. Chadza). Email: [email protected] 

Download advert and application form below:


MUBAS_City_Guilds_Advert July-Dec 2022.pdf